Flash is a sporting goods manufacturer since 1989, focusing on sport protections and rugby wear, where we are leaders in Argentine Rugby market.

Flash ® is the dream come true of two young sportsman who foresaw the need of developing products with the aim of (i) improving athlets’ performances; (ii) helping the recovery process of sport’s and non-sport’s related injuries and (iii) assisting those individuals who gave up sport to return to its usual practice.

Founded in Buenos Aires (Argentina), in 1988, Flash ® started its business manufacturing protection garments for a wide range of sports, becoming very quickly the undisputed market leader within Argentine rugby. As a consequence of this success, Flash ® was appointed Exclusive Official Supplier of the Argentine Rugby Union and its National Rugby Team, best known as “Los Pumas”, in relation to the supply of protection garments such as head gears, shoulder pads and other neoprene items such as ankle supports, knee braces, cycling shorts, etc.

In 1996, and following the strong suggestion of its main customers, Flash ® expanded its business and started to manufacture rugby clothing. Hence, in addition to the manufacturing of protection garmets, Flash ® started to manufacture rugby jerseys, rugby shorts, socks, tracksuits, training gear, t-shirts, polo shirts, etc.; all of them of a very high quality and at a very competitive prices.

Inevitably, Flash ® started to export all of its products (both protection garments and rugby clothing) from Argentina to the rest of the world with huge success, quickly acquiring an important presence in more than 20 countries around the world. In addition to this, Flash ® obtained, for its head gears and shoulder pads, International Rugby Board approval, something which not many companies in the world have managed to achieve successfully.